Can Xbox Series S Do 120 FPS? (And Supported Games)

Fps Boost for Battlefield 4 on Xbox Series

So you’re considering buying an Xbox Series S and you want to know if it can do 120 frames per second. I recently purchased an Xbox Series S and I’ve been deep-diving into all the features, and settings. I’ll share everything I learned about gaming at 120 FPS with the Xbox Series S with you … Read more

Can You Connect Xbox and PC to One Monitor? It’s Easy!

So you have a PC connected to a monitor and you want to know if you can connect your Xbox to the same monitor. Xbox is mainly designed to be used with TVs but there are many situations where you don’t want or need that. Why bother moving your gaming setup? Well, luckily for you, … Read more

Can You Use a USB Mic with Xbox Series X? Yes!

xbox microphone splitter

So you want to know if you can use a USB microphone with Xbox Series X. Using a USB microphone with your Xbox Series X will vastly improve your voice chat quality in party chats or when you’re streaming on Twitch. As someone who has a USB Mic, I took it upon myself to try … Read more