FIXED: Can You Connect Xbox to a Hotspot?

When you’re playing a game on your Xbox, it’s nice to have reliable Internet so you can play without any hiccups. If your home’s WiFi signal isn’t strong enough to provide good and reliable speed, you may want to look into using a hotspot. I had a situation where my home’s router had horrible packet … Read more

How to Record Xbox Gameplay With Voice Chat (No Capture Cards!)

xbox pc remote play

The next-gen Xbox controllers added a convenient share button for recording gameplaying clips. Microsoft has made it easier to record and share gameplay clips, but the clips do not record voice chat. Maybe you just recorded an intense battle royale win with your friends but the voice chat was not recorded in the clip. Bummer! … Read more

External Hard Drive Keeps Disconnecting on Xbox Series X (SOLVED)

WD elements external hdd

It’s really annoying when your external hard drive keeps disconnecting on your Xbox Series X. Especially when it kicks you from a game! What can you do? Is there a solution? Unfortunately, it’s a pretty common problem. After hours of frustration and troubleshooting, I managed to find a solution that worked for me. Hopefully, it … Read more