Is the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 Worth it?

xbox wireless adapter for windows 10

If you bought an Xbox controller and you want to use it wirelessly with a PC, there are two options: buy the Microsoft Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 or use Bluetooth. The Microsoft Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 costs around $20 which can be a lot for some people. Is it worth it? I already … Read more

How to Fix Xbox Controller Audio Crackling (Solved)

changing 5 GHZ Wi-Fi channel

It’s very irritating when your Xbox controller audio is crackling! It can drive you nuts. Especially when the audio cuts out every second. Don’t worry, I think I found the solution. I recently experienced the Xbox controller audio crackling issue on my four-month-old Xbox Series S. After a few hours of intense troubleshooting and resisting … Read more

Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting from PC (Solved)

So your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting from your PC. It’s extremely annoying when your Xbox controller randomly disconnects from your computer when you’re in the middle of a game. I recently ran into this problem and found some solutions that can help you. Instead of buying a new Xbox controller, try these easy fixes. How … Read more

Can You Use a USB Mic with Xbox Series X? Yes!

xbox microphone splitter

So you want to know if you can use a USB microphone with Xbox Series X. Using a USB microphone with your Xbox Series X will vastly improve your voice chat quality in party chats or when you’re streaming on Twitch. As someone who has a USB Mic, I took it upon myself to try … Read more

Should You Buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X Controller for PC?

ps5 controller halo infinite

So you’re looking to buy a new controller for your PC, but you can’t decide between the PS5 DualSense or the Xbox Series X controller. The PS5 and the Xbox controllers are both very sturdy, cost about the same, and can connect over Bluetooth. But which one is better for PC games? I was struggling … Read more