5 Best PC Keyboards That Feel Like Laptop Keyboards:

So you recently bought a PC but you’re used to writing on a laptop, and you like the feel of a laptop keyboard more than a chunky PC keyboard.

Are there any PC keyboards that feel like laptop keyboards out there? Yes! As it turns out, there are quite a few you might like.

I know, most PC users will be quick to recommend mechanical keyboards, but not everyone likes those, and they can be quite loud too.

apple magic keyboard

If you’re a writer or do a lot of typing on a keyboard, it makes sense to have one that is easy for you to use. On that note, you might like my article on the best keyboards for writers, consider this one a follow-up!

I agree with you, I think thin keyboards with soft keys are great to write on. I feel like I can actually write faster because they’re low profile and have softer keys. Don’t worry. There are dozens of us that feel the same!

In a rush? Here’s the list summarized:

Continue reading for more details on these keyboards that feel like laptops keyboards.

5 Best PC Keyboards that Feel Like Laptop Keyboards:

1. Apple Magic Keyboard with Keypad

As with most Apple products, the Apple Magic Keyboard is very slim, sleek, and works great. Most people assume these only work with Macs but they can work on PCs too.

What’s cool about this keyboard is it has a built-in battery and it can connect over Bluetooth. It should also be able to connect to other devices such as Android phones over Bluetooth.

Of course, it comes with a USB wire too, so you can easily charge or connect it to USB ports. It’s probably the best quality PC keyboard that feels like a laptop’s keyboard.


Yeah, a couple. For one, it’s not super ergonomic, and it lies perfectly flat on a desk, which can be uncomfortable for long periods of use. There are no flip-up legs either, though, it does have rubber paddings to prevent slips. It’s also a little pricey.

Another Apple product you might like is AirPods or Apple Watches.

2. Arteck 2.4G Wireless Stainless Steel Keyboard

Price range: 💲

If the pricey Apple keyboard turns you off, this would be the perfect alternative. This PC keyboard feels almost exactly like a laptop keyboard and it’s perfect for office use. The fact that it’s wireless is a big plus too because we hate wires.

While there aren’t any particularly special features (no Bluetooth) it does hold up quite well under hours of intense typing sessions. No backlight on this one.

The built-in battery is decent, with a rated lifetime of 6 months on a single charge. The low-profile keys are nice and quiet too, perfect for late-night writing without bothering the partner. And it’s super light and compact.


It has a tiny bit of an angle, but I feel like the keyboard is still a bit too flat. Some people don’t mind, but I personally prefer a bit of an angle. Other than that, it’s a really nice ultra-thin keyboard, and it’s really budget-friendly.

3 – Logitech MX Keys Advanced

Ah, Logitech. The brand that’s best known for creating high-quality PC accessories and their keyboards are almost always best-sellers.

The Logitech MX Keys Advanced is a really nice keyboard that is perfect for people that like the feel of laptop keyboards. Let’s take a look at the features.

To start, it has Bluetooth, a 2.4G Wireless Dongle, a rechargeable battery, dished keys, and a backlight. The most notable of those features would be the backlight and dished keys. You can adjust the brightness too, and it automatically turns off when the computer is idle to save the battery.

The downside would be it’s a little pricey, around the mid-range point. After looking at the reviews, it seems like it’s worth the price. It’s not very ergonomic but it’s quite comfortable and the dented keys are a nice touch. One of the best PC keyboards that feel like laptop keyboards!

But you can link this to your phone and use it to play games with Samsung Dex 🙂

4 – HP Wireless Elite Keyboard V2

The HP Wireless Elite Keyboard V2 is a PC keyboard that’s almost exactly the same as a laptop keyboard. The keys are low-profile, soft, and quiet. And the build is sleek and slim.

For starters, it’s wireless, not Bluetooth, but rather 2.4G via a USB adapter. The keyboard also has a battery life indicator on the side, great for checking the battery so you don’t find out the battery is dead the hard way. The battery life is decent too, it uses two AAA batteries, not rechargeable.

As for the keys, they’re very soft and have a decent amount of spacing so it’s easy to avoid making spelling mistakes. I feel like my fingers glide over this keyboard.

The fact that it’s really quiet is a big plus because you can type while on calls or without disturbing a sleeping partner.

Unlike other ultra-slim keyboards, the HP Wireless Elite Keyboard V2 has legs to adjust the angle and height, to help with wrist comfort. The angle isn’t much, but it’s better than completely flat. I really like this keyboard.

5 – Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Keyboard

The Logitech Ergo K860 is a PC keyboard that feels like a laptop keyboard.

Yes, the Logitech Ergo K860 is the most expensive keyboard on our list but there’s a good reason for that. It’s an ergonomic, low-profile keyboard with a warped design that’s actually very comfortable to use for hours. Each side is at an angle to match the natural angle of your wrists.

On top of the ergonomic design, it also includes a wrist rest, making it the most comfort-focused keyboard on our list.

The keys are very soft and low profile too, so it’s like a combination of a laptop keyboard with an ergonomic design. At first glance, the design looks a bit funny, but it’s actually very comfortable to use.

The downside is the keyboard uses two AAA batteries, not a rechargeable built-in battery like some other keyboards. It also doesn’t have a backlight or any other special features. Regardless, it works quite well, and it’s perfect for people the have wrist pain when typing for long periods of time.

Why Would You Want a PC Keyboard that Feels Like a Laptop Keyboard?

For a number of reasons, the soft and low profile keys are the main points. Not everyone wants to feel like they’re typing on a typewriter.

The problem with PC keyboards that feel like laptop keyboards are most of them only allow two to three keys pressed at a time. For writers, that’s not usually a problem. But if you also want to use the keyboard for games, that can be a big issue.

Some people like using mechanical gaming keyboards to write too, so it’s really a matter of what you prefer. Let’s stay on topic though. What you’re looking for is an ultra-think keyboard with nice soft and quiet keys.

Wrapping it Up:

PC keyboards that feel like laptop keyboards can be a pleasure to write on but are not so great for gaming and other tasks. The main issue, as mentioned earlier, is the number of keys held down at once.

Another idea could be to buy a gaming laptop, so you can have a laptop keyboard and also the ability to play games. Unfortunately, that’s not usually advertised on keyboard boxes, so you’ll have to test and see what works. Obviously, if you don’t play games, that’s no problem.

My recommendation? Look at the keyboards above and then see if you can find a store like Best Buy where you can test them in person to see if they’re a good fit for you. What do you think?


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