Is It Worth Buying a PS4? Explained

ps4 console

So you’re wondering if it’s worth buying a PS4 in 2021 or if you should hold out for a difference console. I was considering buying a PS4 in 2021, so I did some research and wanted to share my findings with you. Don’t buy a PS4 until you read this article! Is It Worth Buying … Read more

Can You Connect a 60Hz Laptop to a 144Hz Monitor?

laptop connected to external gaming monitor

So you’re wondering if you can connect a 60Hz laptop to a 144Hz monitor. Most laptops, even ones with good mobile graphics cards, often have built-in monitors that are limited to 60Hz. What happens if you connect a 144Hz monitor to a 60Hz laptop? Will you be able to play games at 144Hz? Let’s find … Read more