Xbox Series X Won’t Connect to WIFI (but Everything Else Does) Try These Fixes

You just bought an Xbox Series X and are excited to set it up. But you notice your Xbox won’t connect to Wifi, even though everything else does.

What’s the problem? How do you fix an Xbox Series X that won’t connect to Wifi?

I was struggling with this issue on my Xbox.

I could fix it by going through a list of troubleshooting steps. I’ll share those steps with you in this article.

Bear in mind, if other devices are able to connect to your WiFi, chances are your router is not the problem.

The Problem:

My Xbox won’t connect to WiFi. I know the WiFi password is correct. Every device except my Xbox can connect to my WiFi.

Sometimes WiFi networks won’t even appear on my Xbox!

Before you buy another Xbox Series X, try these fixes:

The Best Solution:

Unplug your Xbox Series X from the power and wait 60 seconds. Clear your Xbox’s Alternate Mac Address. 

Xbox Series X Won’t Connect to Wifi Fixes

1 – Power Cycle Your Xbox Series X

To power cycle an Xbox, unplug the power cord for about a minute and reconnect it.

To be safe, I recommend holding down the guide button on your Xbox and selecting “Turn off Xbox” before you unplug the power.

While you’re at it, unplug the HDMI and any USB devices too.

A power cycle is a classic solution to most problems with electronic devices.

It will drain the energy from the Xbox’s power supply (and any cache that was created by the operating system) and boot the Xbox from scratch.

Power cycling an Xbox also helps when your download speed is particularly slow or other software issues.

2 – Reset Mac Address

Navigate to Settings, General, Network Settings, Advanced Settings, Alternate Mac Address, and Clear.

Once you clear the alternative Mac address, head back to Setup Wireless Network and attempt to connect to your WiFi again.

3 – Use an Ethernet Cable to Update Xbox

Xbox has released a series of updates that address network connectivity issues.

If you recently bought an Xbox and it’s having network issues, a firmware update could fix it.

In that case, connect an ethernet cable to your Xbox and have it install any updates.

Once the updates are complete, see if you can find and connect to WiFi networks.

4 – Connect to a Mobile Hotspot

To test if the problem is with your router, connect your Xbox to a mobile hotspot.

Are you able to access the internet through the phone’s hotspot? If you can, head over to Network in Settings, and run the various network tests.

Disconnect the Xbox from your hotspot and attempt to connect to your WiFi again.

Sometimes logging in to your account on Xbox using a different Wifi network will allow you to connect to your normal Wifi.

If you don’t have an ethernet cable, you could also use this method to update this Xbox. Be mindful of data charges!

5 – Reset Xbox

While better left as a last resort, resetting an Xbox can fix a lot of software issues.

Thankfully Microsoft allows you to reset the Xbox while also keeping your games and apps.

To Reset your Xbox Series X, open Settings, System, System Info, and Reset This Xbox. Select Reset and Keep My Games and Apps.

Once the process is done you will need to sign in to your Microsoft account, but your games should still be installed.

The Bottom Line

Network connectivity issues have been plaguing Xbox Series users for a long time.

Updates have fixed most of the problems, but sometimes people still run into trouble connecting to WiFi.

The solutions above should fix 99% of the problems with an Xbox Series X not connecting to WiFi.

Bear in mind, these solutions also apply to the Xbox Series S console.

If you can’t fix the problem, consider contacting Xbox’s support for a replacement.

You can also take a look at Xbox’s official guide on network issues. 


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