Not Receiving Samsung Verification Code? Try This!

Not receiving the Samsung verification code? I ran into this issue and I found a solution that worked. Samsung will automatically back up your phone’s data to the Samsung cloud, such as installed apps, messages, contacts, and even app layout.

So when you get a new Samsung phone just need to log in to your Samsung account and restore the settings.

It’s easy… when it works.

You moved your SIM over from your old phone, and now you’re trying to log in to your Samsung account. When you attempt to log in, it says a verification code has been sent to your number.

But the code never arrives. What’s worse is the Samsung apps will keep asking you to finish setting up your phone, with no way to close it.

Why are you not receiving the Samsung verification code? If you confirm the phone number is correct, here’s what you can do:

Not Receiving Samsung Verification Code Solution

Disable LocK Network & Security

If you’re not receiving the Samsung verification code, open Settings, Lock Screen, Secure Lock Settings, and disable Lock Network and Security. The Samsung code should come through now. 

Note: This only works when you know your Samsung account and password and are sure the phone number is correct. If you forgot your Samsung account password or it’s using a different number, then you’ll need to go through their account recovery process. 

To avoid doing this in the future, you can disable two-factor authentication.

Switch Default Messaging App

An alternative solution is to switch to default SMS messaging apps. To do that, open the search bar and type Choose Default Apps. Under the SMS app, switch the default to a different app such as Messenger.

Set up 2-Step Verification on PC

By following the guide here, you can set up 2-step verification on your PC and enter a new phone number to receive the codes. It will use an authenticator app for PC. If you can get into your account on a PC, you can also disable two-factor authentication.

Add Country Code

If you can log in to your Samsung account on a PC (either Google or saved passwords) you can add your country code to the phone number. Remove any plus symbols from the number. For example, instead of +1 or +44 simply enter 1 or 44 followed by your phone number. Remove any zeros too from the country code too.

You can also

Check Blocked Messages

For some reason, your phone could be blocking Samsung’s messages. It’s easy to check. Type Blocked Messages into the search bar and check if Samsung’s codes are in the list of blocked messages.

Bottom Line

A lot of users are struggling with not receiving their Samsung account verification SMS. The above solution should get the message to come through.

The only other alternative is to contact Samsung support directly. It’s a very frustrating problem and it has been happening for more than three years now.

Hopefully, Samsung will fix the issue. Until then, these solutions should do the trick.

Let me know which method worked for you in the comments below!


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