Mouse Not Working on Xbox Series X? Try This!

So you’re trying to get your mouse working with your Xbox Series X but the console won’t detect any input.

I thought my Xbox did not support my mouse but I only had to change one setting to get them working together.

Keep This in Mind:

Before we get into the fixes, I want to take a moment to explain how mouse input works on Xbox.

The Game Supports Mouse and Keyboard

For starters, the game you want to play needs to officially support mouse input. Warzone 2.0 and Halo Infinite officially support a mouse and keyboard on Xbox but Apex Legends does not.

Xbox Won’t Show a Cursor

Secondly, the Xbox operating system will not show a cursor on the screen.

In fact, most games won’t show a cursor in the menu either. To check if the mouse is working in a game, you need to get into actual gameplay.

On that note, some games require you to switch input devices before you enter a game. Make sure to check the settings before you start.

For more information, take a look at Xbox’s official mouse and keyboard page. 

Mouse Only Works in Gameplay

I thought my mouse was not working in Halo Infinite because there was no cursor. It wasn’t until I actually started a match that I realized the mouse was working correctly.

But if you plug in a mouse, start a game, and the mouse won’t work with your Xbox at all, here are some fixes…

Mouse Not Working On Xbox Series X

Best solution: Lower your mouse polling rate on PC before using it on Xbox. When I lowered my mouse’s polling rate from 1000 to 500 my Xbox was able to detect it.

Lower Mouse Polling Rate

mouse polling rate on logitech g hub

Nowadays most people use a wireless mouse and most of them have very high report rates.

I’m using a budget Logitech G305 and it has a max polling rate of 1000 Hz. For those of you who are using a wireless Logitech mouse, this might do the trick.

First, open Logitech G Hub, and in the bottom left corner, lower the polling rate to 500. The settings will be saved to your mouse’s internal memory.

Unplug the Logitech USB dongle from your PC and connect it to your Xbox. It should work.

Use a Wired Mouse

On Xbox, a mouse with a wired connection seems to work better than a wireless mouse.

The reason for that is a wireless mouse requires specific drivers and a wired one is plug-and-play.

I would test a wired mouse on your Xbox. If your mouse has the option for both wired and wireless, I recommend using a wired connection.

Update Mouse Firmware

For a brand-name mouse, updating the firmware can do the trick.

Software like Logitech G Hub will automatically notify you when a firmware update is available for your mouse model.

Razer also has its own software you can use to update your mouse firmware.

Disconnect Your Controller

A funny issue that has been happening to keyboard and mouse users on Xbox is the controller creates input issues.

The solution is to disconnect your Xbox controller. To disconnect the controller, hold down the Xbox button for 10 seconds until the light turns off.

You could also completely remove the batteries from the controller.

A lot of people have reported that disconnecting the controller fixed mouse and keyboard issues on Xbox.

The trick is to start the game with the controller disconnected.

Unplug Other USB Devices

On a similar note as the above issue, other USB devices on your Xbox can cause problems.

I suggest unplugging any other USB devices from your Xbox and testing the mouse with each one disconnected.

Eventually, you may be able to narrow down the device that is creating problems.

To troubleshoot, I would remove any Xbox external hard drives or expansion cards too.

Perform an Xbox Hard Reset

As a final resort, an Xbox hard reset can clear up any software glitches that could be blocking your mouse.

To do a hard reset, turn off your Xbox normally. When the light turns off, unplug your Xbox from the power, wait 60 seconds, and reconnect it.

A hard reset will reset the Xbox’s power supply and force it to do a complete reboot sequence.

It can also fix problems such as the external hard drive keeps disconnecting or slow internet.

Wrapping it Up:

Unfortunately, mouse and keyboard support on Xbox Series X is a bit fickle. Nevertheless, these fixes should get your mouse working with your Xbox.

Using a mouse and keyboard with your Xbox is great when you have a desk. I switch my main monitor between Xbox and PC with a press of a button.

If one of these fixes worked for you, or you have a better solution, let me know by leaving a comment below.


  • Timothy Gagnon is the owner of My Portable Office. As a kid, he's always had a fascination with electronics and never passed on the chance to disassemble and reassemble them. When he's not taking a hammer to his electronics, he can be found playing with his cats or writing about his latest discoveries on My Portable Office.