How to Get Huge Discounts on Xbox (and Other) Games!

So you want to buy a new game but you’re strapped for cash. That’s okay, it happens.

What if I told you that you don’t need to pay full price for games? Especially older games that should be heavily discounted.

With these tips, you can save a lot of money on video games. Money that can be spent on other things.

Want some figures? How does 90% off sound? And there are even better deals. Luckily for you, I did the research for you.

I found the deals, tested them, and have proof that they work.

I was able to buy a wide variety of games for under $10 that are normally sold for $60.

But enough about that.

Get Gamepass for a 70% Discount

Here’s how you can sign-up for Gamepass with a 70% discount (or even higher).

Note: If you already have an active Gamepass subscription, wait for it to expire before you try this.

  1. Buy Xbox Live Gold digital codes. (as much time as you want, for a max of 3 years)
  2. Redeem the codes using your Microsoft account.
  3. Start the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial for $1. (or resubscribe for a month)
  4. Your Xbox Live Gold time will then be converted to Game Pass Ultimate time.
  5. Enjoy 100+ games with your subscription!

For a detailed breakdown of how to do that, read Cheapest Way to Get Xbox Gamepass Ultimate.

That subscription should keep you busy for a while. But what about games that aren’t on Game Pass? I got you.

Save BIG Buying Xbox Games from Other Regions

As you know, Xbox has an official online store in practically every country.

Some of those countries have special deals on games.

You can use a VPN to take advantage of those deals. Argentina and Turkey, for example.

Here’s what you need to do:

Buy a Digital Game Code from G2A for Argentina (or the cheapest region).

Compare those prices to your local Xbox store to get an idea of how much you can save.

Speaking of comparing prices, Xbox Now lets you compare the prices from various Xbox stores.

For example, I bought Call of Duty WWII for five dollars using an Argentina code.

The same game is still at full price (60 USD) in my local store. That’s a 91% discount. I like it.

Why pay full price for games that came out a few years ago?

Just spend a few minutes looking for an online code and save most of your cash.

Of course, the prices vary depending on availability, but you’ll definitely be able to find some deals.

But I digress. Now that you have a game that is region-locked to Argentina, it’s time to take a quick trip to Argentina. I heard their beaches are nice.

  • Hop on a VPN. Hola Chrome Browser is a free one.
  • Head over to
  • Activate your VPN and change the region to Argentina.
  • Login to your Microsoft account. Head over to and enter your digital code.
  • Confirm the digital code
  • Turn off the VPN and restart your Xbox
  • Download your new games

If you want a more detailed guide, read my full article on buying Xbox games from Argentina.

Keep in mind, you can also use a VPN to buy the game directly from the Xbox store, but it might not be cheaper.

Note: As I find more deals, I’ll update this page – so make sure to bookmark it and come back later.