Is There a Cheaper Alternative to AirPods? 3 Good Options:

So you like the design of AirPods but, the price, not so much. So you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to AirPods. Not to worry there are plenty of great alternatives out there, and some of them are 4x cheaper than AirPods with about the same features and audio quality. In this article, I’ll be … Read more

Are AirPods Worth it? Or a Waste of Money?

A picture of AirPods in a case

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Why is Projecting to This PC Greyed Out? Try These Fixes!

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Can You Play Games with Samsung Dex?

So you might have heard about Samsung Dex, Samsung’s desktop-like experience, and you’re wondering if you can play games with Samsung Dex. It can be great for entertainment while you’re stuck in a hotel with a TV and nothing else. Or maybe you just want to play a mobile game on a larger screen. Either … Read more