6 Ways to Fix a Roku that Won’t Connect to Your Hotspot

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I can’t tell you how frustrated I was with my Roku when it refused to my hotspot. I mean, everything works fine. Other devices can connect. So why can’t Roku? After fiddling with the Roku and different hotspot settings (and almost throwing the Roku out the window out of frustration), I found a solution. If … Read more

Can You Connect Apple TV to a Mobile Hotspot?

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So you’ve finally went ahead, bit the bullet, and put down your hard-earned cash for an Apple TV streaming box. However, if you don’t have a stable Wi-Fi connection or if you’re traveling with your Apple TV you may want to try to connect Apple TV to a mobile hotspot. In this short guide, I’m … Read more

Can You Use Headphones with a Chromecast? (Yes, Solved)

So you’re wondering if you can use headphones with a Chromecast because you don’t want to disturb people living with you. Besides, watching movies and TV shows with headphones is more immersive because you can really feel the surround sound. I was looking for a solution to this and I came across some options that … Read more

Is Chromecast with Google TV Worth it? (Spoiler: Yes!)

So I recently bought a Chromecast with Google TV to see what all the fuss was about. I noticed there are a lot of things most Chromecast with Google TV reviews don’t mention. If you’re thinking about buying one, and you’re looking for some hands-on information, continue reading this post. Is Chromecast with Google TV … Read more

Can You Connect Roku to a Hotspot? Yes, It’s Easy (Solved)

So you’re wondering if you can connect Roku to a hotspot. I have some good news for you. In this article, I’ll show you how to connect your Roku to your mobile hotspot and also cover some important tips and suggestions. Luckily for you, it’s very easy to connect Roku to a hotspot. If you … Read more