What Are the Best Chromebooks for Students in 2022?

best chromebooks for students in 2020

So you heard of Chromebooks and how they’re great for students. But what are the best Chromebooks for students? With hundreds of Chromebooks on the market, choosing which one to buy is a challenge. If you’re struggling to find a Chromebook that is not only budget-friendly but also offers decent performance, continue reading this article. … Read more

Is a Chromebook Worth It? Or Are Traditional Laptops Still Better?

Are Chromebooks worth it? You might have noticed that more and more Chromebooks are appearing on the market, and found yourself wondering if Chromebooks are worth it.  As someone who actually owns a Chromebook, I think I’m qualified to share some information about Chromebooks that might not be readily available.  Let’s dive in. Are Chromebooks … Read more