RTC Battery is Low Fix for Laptops

cmos battery replacement

The other day I was cleaning the fan on a Toshiba laptop, and when I turned the laptop back on, I was met with an error that said “RTC battery is low. Press F2 to set the date and time.” For most people, you can simply tap F2 and the laptop will turn on. But … Read more

Can You Use a Chromebook as a Second Monitor?

A screenshot showing the Space Desk Server location

So you have a cheap Chromebook lying around and you want to know if you can use it as a second monitor. I have a really potato Chromebook that reached its update-end-of-life, so I wanted to see if I could find a use for it. What I learned might interest you. Can You Use a … Read more

Can a Solar Panel Charge a Laptop? A Safe Solution:

Can a solar panel charge a laptop? How many solar panels do you need? Is it a very technical project or can the average joe do it? As a solar panel enthusiast, I was wondering the same thing so I decided to do some research into the subject. I’ll share my discoveries with you here. … Read more

Can You Use Multiple Monitors with a Chromebook?

A picture showing connecting multiple monitors to a Chromebook

Is there a way to use multiple monitors with a Chromebook? So you’re looking at your Chromebook and you notice it only has one video output port. Connecting one external monitor is pretty easy but what about two? Let’s take a look at your options. Chromebooks are very cheap laptop alternatives, and they can be … Read more

Are Gaming Laptops Future Proof in 2023? Or Too Expensive?

So you have the itch to buy a new laptop (again) and you’re wondering if gaming laptops are future proof or if it’s better to buy something else. As someone who has bought gaming laptops, I thought I would weigh in with some thoughts. I’ll be covering the following topics in this article: Are Gaming … Read more