Astro A40 Not Working on Xbox Series X (Solved)

Is your Astro A40 not working on Xbox Series X? I was struggling with connectivity issues on my Astro A40 until I found a trick that worked. I’ll walk you through a series of troubleshooting steps that should fix the problem. Astro A40 Not Working on Xbox Series X: To fix Astro A40 not working … Read more

Can You Use AirPods for Gaming? Yes! Here’s How:

A picture of AirPods in a case

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Are AirPods Worth it in 2022? Or a Waste of Money?

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So you’ve seen the advertisements for AirPods, the fancy Apple headphones. And then you saw the price and need to find a reason to justify spending that kind of money. Are AirPods worth it? Do you really want them that much? I was struggling with the decision too, and what I found might interest you. … Read more