Can You Use Samsung Dex with Chromecast? Bad News!

So you’re wondering if you can use Samsung Dex with Chromecast. After all, Chromecast lets you cast all kinds of media from your phone, so does it work with Dex?

Wireless Dex option on S10

The previous versions of Dex only worked when connected to a display via a USB-C to HDMI adapter. However, the recent S10 and S20 series, support wireless Dex. After playing around with my phone and Chromecast… I have some bad news.

Samsung Dex with Chromecast:

You can’t use Samsung Dex with Chromecast because Dex only works with Miracast. Chromecast does not use the Miracast protocol. Dex will only work with dongles that support Miracast, such as Roku or any off-brand Miracast adapter.

I would like to take a moment to clear up some confusion about casting media. For starters, Miracast is often confused with Chromecast because the end result is the same: casting media wirelessly to another device. The problem is Miracast and Chromecast are not the same.

Miracast vs Chromecast

Miracast is a peer to peer Wi-Fi direct protocol to transfer media which is available on most devices. Chromecast is a separate device that is used to fetch media from the internet to stream for you on a bigger display.

Miracast a wireless alternative to an HDMI cable. Essentially, any devices that support Miracast can communicate and send media to each other, whether they’re connected to the internet or not. Miracast dongles don’t “fetch” media, they show the media that’s sent from another device.

I covered this subject in my article troubleshooting why projecting to this PC is greyed out. While Miracast is supported on the software side of most operating systems, your Wi-fi adapter or Bluetooth might be outdated. However, that’s not usually a problem for smartphones that support Dex because those came out in the last year or two.

If you’re having problems getting Dex to run, take a look at our Dex not working guide.

How to Use Wireless Dex:

So the option to use Samsung Dex with Chromecast is out the window. Not to worry, there are other ways to cast Dex. I’ll cover a few below.

1 – On a TV that Supports Miracast

Most modern TVs will support a variety of casting options, the most common of which is Miracast. In most cases, a TV that supports Miracast will show a little casting icon somewhere on the front, or on the box.

You can also look for features such as Wi-fi Casting or Screen Casting in the TV’s menu too. If a TV advertises that it can support casting, there’s a good chance it has Miracast built-in. The good news is if your TV has Miracast, you can use Samsung Dex with it.

To use Samsung Dex on your TV:

  • Activate Screen-Mirroring on Your TV (It’s often set on by default)
  • Change Source to Mobile Phone
  • On Your Phone, Tap Dex Icon on Pull Down Menu
  • Choose the TV as a Display
  • Dex Will Load on Your TV

Very easy.

2 – TV Does Not Support Miracast

If your TV does not support Miracast, the easiest way to use Samsung Dex would be to buy a Miracast dongle and plug it into a spare HDMI port on the TV. The good news is there are plenty of Miracast adapters out there, here are a few popular ones:

Miracast Adapters:

You can often find cheap Miracast adapters in stores like Carrefour, BestBuy, and others. Bear in mind, these are simply Miracast adapters that support the feature, they don’t have an operating system or run any apps.

If you’re looking for something that has Miracast and also can work like a Chromecast with independent apps, the next section is for you.

3 – Streaming Stick That Supports Miracast

Buying a dongle that supports Miracast and other apps is a good idea because you can use it without having your phone on all the time.

Chromecast is one of the most popular streaming dongles, but it does not work with Miracast. Luckily, there are two other streaming sticks that do support the Miracast technology, Roku Streaming Stick and Amazon Fire TV stick.

I personally recommend the Roku because it’s budget-friendly and very straightforward. Are you looking for some Dex setup ideas?

The Bottom Line

To summarize, Samsung Dex does not work with Chromecast but you can use it with other adapters that support Miracast. There’s a good chance your TV already has built-in Miracast, so it’s worth looking for that option too.


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