Can You Use Headphones with a Chromecast? (Yes, Solved)

So you’re wondering if you can use headphones with a Chromecast because you don’t want to disturb people living with you.

Besides, watching movies and TV shows with headphones is more immersive because you can really feel the surround sound.

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I was looking for a solution to this and I came across some options that work quite well. When you’re done reading this post you’ll be able to use a Chromecast with headphones without bothering anyone in the same room.

No more getting yelled at. Nice.

Can You Use Headphones with a Chromecast?

Yes. You can use headphones with a Chromecast by attaching a Bluetooth transmitter to your TV’s 3.5 mm port, use the LocalCast app, or pair Bluetooth headphones to Chromecast with Google TV via Bluetooth.

I’ll walk you through each of these three options. Remember, you can easily connect Bluetooth headphones to the new version of Chromecast, Chromecast with Google TV because it has built-in Bluetooth.

The older versions don’t have Bluetooth but you can use the methods below as a workaround.

Read my review of Chromecast with Google TV here.

Use Bluetooth 3.5mm Transmitter (old Chromecasts)

The easiest way to use headphones with a Chromecast is to buy a 3.5mm Bluetooth transmitter (I like this TaoTronic Bluetooth 5.0 adapter). It’s really easy to set up!

You simply attach the 3.5mm cable from the transmitter to the 3.5mm port on your TV and the audio should automatically redirect to Bluetooth. You can also connect AirPods to your Chromecast using this method.

From there, pair your Bluetooth headphones with the transmitter, and you should hear the audio on your headphones. In some cases, if your TV does not have a headphone port, you can use a female RCA to 3.5mm adapter.

You might also need to adjust the audio output settings on your TV to “External Speakers” or “Headphones” depending on the label your TV assigned to the 3.5 mm port. Most of the time, the TV will automatically switch to the new audio output.

With this method, the audio from every app will be sent over Bluetooth, so you can quietly watch Netflix on Chromecast without bothering anyone trying to sleep nearby.

On that note, you could also buy a really long male-to-female 3.5mm cable (here’s a good 12-ft male-to-female 3.5mm cable) and run it from the TV to your headphones. It’s not wireless, but you might not have wireless headphones, and that’s a cheap solution.

Using Headphones with LocalCast

LocalCast is a free casting app for Smart TVs and casting sticks. It offers a bit more control over casting services than the native casting features built-in to your phone.

To use headphones with LocalCast, tap the “Route Audio to Phone” option. When enabled, the audio from the casted media will be redirected to your phone.

From there, you can either plug your headphones into your phone’s 3.5mm port or connect them via Bluetooth.

If everything works, you’ll be able to see the media on your TV while the audio comes from your phone and is then sent to your headphones. It usually works, but it’s still in BETA and you should expect some network delays.


One important point is that LocalCast only works with compatible apps and local media. What that means is you can’t use apps like Netflix or YouTube, which kind of defeats the purpose of using headphones with a Chromecast.

It only works with files from your phone, like pictures, and videos you took with your camera. You can download shows to your phone and watch them but that’s a bit more complicated. Downloaded media from Netflix won’t work with LocalCast.

Pair Bluetooth Headphones to Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV is the latest version of Chromecast and it offers a lot more features than the previous models, including built-in Bluetooth. Read my Chromecast with Google TV review here. It’s miles better than previous models.

The new Chromecast has its own operating system and it has Bluetooth, so it’s simply a matter of pairing Bluetooth headphones.

Here’s how you do that:

  1. Use the Chromecast with Google TV remote to open Settings (far right on the UI)
  2. In Settings, scroll down and select Remotes & Accessories
  3. Select Pair Remote or Accessory
  4. Set your Bluetooth Headphones to Pairing Mode
  5. Chromecast Should Find the Headphones
  6. Select Pair
  7. Wait for Pair to Complete

I recommend buying a Chromecast with Google TV because it’s much easier to use than regular Chromecasts. You can still cast and it also runs as a standalone device with plenty of apps and features.

The best part is it costs basically the same as the old generation of Chromecasts, so it’s a really good deal.

Can You Pair AirPods to Chromecast with Google TV?

Yes. You can pair AirPods to Chromecast with Google TV by putting the AirPods in pairing mode and then using Chromecast with Google TVs Bluetooth feature to find and connect to the AirPods.

It’s an easy way to watch movies and shows when your significant other is sleeping or you want to keep quiet. You can also listen to YouTube and podcasts too.

Wondering if AirPods are worth it?


So those are some of the ways you can use headphones with a Chromecast. I personally recommend either the Bluetooth transmitter option or an upgrade to the new version of Chromecast.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. If you have any questions drop them below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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